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White Stuff black friday 2017 editor summary

Statistics and analysis of White Stuff Black Friday 2017:

Fashion retailer White Stuff specializes in top quality mid range fashion and homeware. Although clothing retailers often get big discounts due to big margins and margins, White Stuff offers a pretty modest 10% discount on Black Friday. However, do not be confused, this is a legitimate sale on all products throughout the site. White Stuff has experienced year-on-year growth with black friday traffic, beginning in 2013 there was a 10-fold increase next year and an additional 80% increase in 2015. White Stuff ranks 36th in our 450 main sales of Black Friday, and is in our top 10 for mid range fashion. Which is a pretty impressive feat considering White Stuff's own-brand sales products. We estimate that they had more than 30,000 visitors on the last black Friday and an expert opinion that can still grow with a bigger online promotion and the possibility of a bigger discount on Black Friday.

White Stuff Black Friday last year:

White Stuff showed retraint last year in regards to discounts before Christmas. We only saw one discount, and that was Black Friday itself. And as mentioned above, the discount was 10% in nature, which is modest compared to any other fashion retailers. From the arbitrary search, Black Friday is much bigger than Boxing Day, and it is several times larger than previous January sales towards the end of the 20th century. And if I had to point and an online retailer that is still focused on Christmas discounts, White Stuff would probably take the prize. That is to say that their last sale of Black Friday was only 3 days, and December presented three discounts and a sitewide sale. These included; Free gift with orders over £60, on December 2, 2016. they offered delivery with orders over £50 on December 20, 2016, and finally the sale of White Stuff began on Christmas Day itself. We noticed that the White Stuff Boxing Day Sale had discounts of over 30%, and you may want to wait until after Christmas to get a deal.

We'll be very interested to see what White Stuffs strategy is this year and whether they adopt a more conventional approach to White Stuff Black Friday 2017.