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Musto Black Friday's abstract;


I love Musto as much as anyone and I want to see a discount that is on the entire site and store, however, this can be wishful thinking. I have the feeling to give the number of people looking for Musto Black Friday there will be even more pressure for them to relax and give a discount to visitors to the site online. If I had to speculate, it would really depend on the financials of the year if they want to risk discounting clothes that could have been bought at full price in exchange for bargain hunters around Black Friday. But do not underestimate the bargain hunters, there are over half a million of them who visit this website around Black Friday. And given the high conversion rate of these visitors, it could easily be equivalent to two months of revenue in October and September.


Musto Black Friday statistical analysis by Black Friday expert;


You know that you are in a good hotel when there is Musto. It's a sign of quality and let's face it, it's not cheap. That's why we are grateful for the sale of Black Friday. Likewise, with other retailers, Musto experienced excellent growth from 2013 to 2014 through 2015 for Black Friday traffic. We estimate the head around 10 thousand around Black Friday in 2014. That rose by 260% in 2015 but our statistics show that it was unsustainable and it dropped by 50% in 2016. Remember that statistics can only not be exact. a third party. However, if they are correct, which we all assume, Musto will look to have an exceptional year to recover some of the old custom. Musto was the 54th biggest black Friday sale of the 475 stores we are watching. It's still very upscale for a cosmetics company. If you love me, it's a little difficult to justify spending a lot on bathroom cosmetics, but the Black Friday sale removes all gilded and I can live a luxury with a smile on my face.


Musto Black Friday sale 2016;


Throughout the year, Musto is known for offering free samples and free gifts. This is reflected in a free 4-piece travel package offered on November 2, 2016 and you have spent more than £ 45. The Musto Black Friday sale itself began on Thursday, which is November 24, 2016. It was a site where twenty-five percent discount. Although the percentage is lower than other retailers, especially in the fashion sector, the fact that it is across the site gives you a wider range of choices and it can be the latest products available. In December, Musto introduced the Twelve Days of Christmas by offering 12 different discounts. In mid-December, they offered free samples with all orders, and finally, on Christmas day, they started boxing sales, with 35% off. Although it was a better deal, there were fewer items on sale and, obviously, you can buy them as gifts for Christmas. We think there is a good value for Black Friday. Or should we say, Thursday 23rd.


Delivery and collection Musto;


Musto has a free click and collect on all orders, and free shipping when you spend more than £ 49. Standard delivery costs £ 4.95, and express delivery is a premium option.