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Summary Michael Kors Black Friday and statistical analysis by Black Friday expert:


Michael Kors is a mid-range women's fashion retailer, which attracts under 40s. Michael Kors is one of the few online retailers to offer a Black Friday sale. We think this is a small missed opportunity as there is an online demand for a Michael Kors Black Friday sale. As early as 2013, people were looking for Black Friday on the Michael Kors site, which accelerated considerably in 2014 when 29,000 people visited the site. 2015 saw a plateau in numbers but last year there was an increase of 24% to around 40,000. That I could be a handful of retailers who follow the current business model of not updating before Black Friday. There are many reasons, such as balancing the costs and benefits of discounting around a very busy time for retailers. This is to see the race until Christmas has many buyers looking for evening dresses and clothes for a working evening. If they can find the cheap items obviously this affects the Michael Kors margins. On the other hand, sales will fall in this. Propose a sale because other retailers have significantly reduced their inventory. Companies that do not offer discounts on Black Friday tend to have a very strong customer base and a very strong identity.


Michael Kors Black Friday last year


As mentioned earlier, Michael Kors did not have a Black Friday sale last year. In early November, however, we had 25% of all evening dresses. In December, the only site-wide sale began on December 25th.


Click and collect and delivery to Michael Kors:


Michael Kors offers a free collection from the department store, which is the standard on all their sales. If you want delivery to your home that will cost you £ 3.75, or it's free if you spend more than £ 75.