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Hackett Black Friday 2017: taking a look at visitor numbers over the years

Black Friday sales were first adopted by Hackett in 2014 since then they have seen large growth in the number of visitors a year on year for this annual event. Here at Black Friday 2017 UK, using the statistics we have at hand, were able to deduce that Hackett had around 15,000 visitors to the website on Black Friday for 2014 we then saw a huge jump of 120% to 33,000 people in 2015. This is a similar trend to other online shops, as the UK took called of Black Friday in 2015 with a large general increase of over 100% on the previous year. That is not to discredit this number, rather reaffirm that Hackett is able to stay as one of the main relevant retailers in the UK. Last year Hackett saw an increase in the number of visitors by a rather modest 15%, this makes it one of the only retailers in the UK to see a growth in the number of visitors every year since 2013. Hackett Black Friday 2017 will aim to see another record-breaking year. We monitor 475 stores and Hackett Black Friday ranks at number 71 in terms of visitors. This is an impressive number, in relation to the normal sale searches.

Last year’s Hackett Black Friday sale:

Like other shops in the UK, Hackett black Friday sale began early, on the Tuesday of Black Friday week. Last year we found that retailers were savvy to this early starting date as many people would search for black Friday sales prior to Friday itself. In fact on Thursday evening that was the peak for the number of searches relating to Black Friday, Hackett Black Friday was no different. In November 2016 Hackett had a seal which started on 5 November and this feature 20% of all styles and this ran until 10 November. There were no further sales to be hard until Black Friday itself. On Black Friday, Hackett had 20% of all items, this sitewide sale proved to be very popular with consumers as sales which featured only selected items were met with the disapproval of some consumers. We are glad to say that Hackett has excellent banner of having growth year-on-year and we hope with strong online promotion to both existing customers and new potential customers, Hackett will feature as one of the top sales in 2017.