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Cult Beauty black friday 2017 editor summary

Cult Beauty Black Friday statistical analysis:

A retailer who could really benefit from a black Friday sale would be Cult Beauty. This retailer targets the younger audience and sells mid-range clothing to men and women. Over the years, demand for Black Friday at Cult Beauty has grown year-on-year, growing significantly over time. For example, in 2013, people began to look for the sale, and that number tripled to 9000 in 2014. The following year, growth grew 84% to 16,000 people. And last year, they saw another huge increase in the number of people by 170% looking for a CULT BEAUTY BLACK FRIDAY. This is even more surprising, considering that the Cult Beauty still accept the Black Friday sales. Different companies have different sales strategies and it seems that beer extraction is one of the few retailers who have not yet accepted the Bonanza Black Friday holiday discount. When retailers have high pre-Christmas sales, they often hesitate to discount the full price, especially for lower margin items. That's why it has historically been after Christmas, Hindi or January sales predominating in the UK, however, as we've seen in the last four years, retailers have been happy to discount in November offering the potential for customers Buy cheap hair products before Christmas. This idea has exploded in the last four years and has been several times bigger than Boxing Day. If you say so, retailers like Cult Beauty do not see the benefits of Black Friday sales yet. Obviously, I expect the Black Friday expert here to accept it this year, but this is more a hope than an expectation.


Cult Beauty Black Friday last year:

As mentioned earlier, there were Cult Beauty Black Friday sales last year, the next thing we got was a free beanie with all orders on November 11, 2016. Until December 8, there was not a word about the pool and beer, The Sale of women's and men's products ended on 20 December. Cult Beauty also has not granted any discount for the 2nd Christmas Day.


Cult Beauty collection and delivery:

With every order you can buy online and pick it up at the store for free, alternatively you can pay for the standard delivery for £ 3.95.