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Converse black friday 2017 editor summary

Converse Black Friday last year:


In the run-up to Black Friday Converse had different offers in the week of Black Friday. Nearly 30% of homewares on Tuesday, 30% off Wednesday's party, 30% off festive family favorites on Thursday, and up to 50% off black Friday sales. The Black Friday sale lasted five days and ended on November 30, 2016. It's an interesting strategy to make various offers every day before Black Friday, but it sure will convince customers every day to review the site. If this follows the same strategy this year, we can expect a series of sales during the week, and then on Black Friday itself, a sale will run for 5 days. Given the reduction in the number of site visitors last year, I think they might be able to change the format to be in tune with other retailers who pressed hard on Black Friday, even before Friday itself.


Converse delivery:


Not surprisingly, there is no click and gather as there are no stores from which to gather. And unfortunately there is no option for free delivery, the standard delivery starts at £ 3.95. This will take between 3 and 5 working days, but they also have an option of tracking at an extra cost.


Converse Black Friday Summary:


With a lot of custom merchandise that's personalized gifts for family members, Converse has definitely carved a niche online. The uniqueness of the concept is complemented by the fact that there are no direct major competitors for the service. We expect the Black Friday structure to change this year as sales in 2016 did not statistically match expectations. We have faith, because this is an online store that makes the appropriate adjustments to make sure that this year is a successful Black Friday. We recommend that you check in the week after the sale if the sale has started.


Converse Black Friday statistical analysis and trends;

Online retailer and high street brand Converse has established itself as one of the top shoe companies in the UK. Selling many brand names like Nike, adidas and FitFlop at reasonable prices and having the opportunity to buy the sale can give you a real chance to get a bargain. Although many people are looking for office Black Friday sales, the company is still threatening the new shopping. That's not to say they do not have a black Friday sale, just a few selected lines. But I think personally, taking advantage of the number of people who come to the Converse website on Black Friday looking for an event. In 2014, 30,000 people visited the Converse website looking for a black Friday sale, which grew 86% in 2015, when nearly 60,000 visitors came. More worrying, however, is that they fell below 30,000 last year, partly because they did not conduct a brief Black Friday campaign. Regardless, the Converse Black Friday sale is the 41st largest in the UK, from the retailers we oversee.