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Black Friday Watch Deals Buying Guide


This guide will tell you how to build a budget-friendly minimal watch collection.


Let us start with the casual watch like the Timex weekender. This is just a classic casual watch, super popular, partly because it is very affordable. It is also available in different colours, sizes and types of strap. You can find these weekenders on amazon for about £30. They are always on sale and the great thing about weekenders is they have interchangeable straps. The casual watch is obviously good for casual outfits you could wear it with anything from shorts and a t-shirt or to the office. If you don’t have a casual watch in your collection I think the weekender is a great choice, it is affordable there are lots of different options and you can buy extra straps and swap them about.


Number two watch is the dive watch or the diver. The Seiko SKX O13 is like an entry level diver. You can find cheaper dive watches, but Seiko is a very old brand and very trustworthy. I got mine for about £200 on sale on Amazon. It is about a 39mm case diameter and is waterproof to 200 metres. It has glow-in-the-dark hands, tick marks and then the day date detail. The dive watch is not as casual as the casual watch but it is not as dressy as the dress watch. It is the perfect middle ground of watches.


Number three is the dress watch. Like the Tribeca with it’s brown leather strap, white face and the gold metal details. This is a great dress watch because it is super minimal and has interchangeable straps. One thing that you want to look out for when buying a dress watch, is you want to make sure that regardless of the size of the case of the diameter of the case, the actual thickness of the case is appropriate. Your shirt sleeve should just slip over your watch easily. Try to find a dress watch that has a thin case so it fits nicely under your dress shirts and your suit jackets.

Add a fourth watch to your collection, try to find something that is totally different than the other three. Choose a watch that will go with your colour palette, different than those other three so it actually fills a gap.