Black Friday Vacuum Deals Buying Guide


A good vacuum cleaner is essential for a clean and healthy house.


The type of vacuum that is best for your home depends on a few things. Do you have carpets, hard floors or both? Do you have kids, pets or both? How much storage space have you got for your vacuum and does anyone in the house have allergies or asthma? For those with allergies or asthma, consider the filters in a vacuum. Most basic vacuums just have washable or disposable micro filter that will release some dust particle irritants back into the air. A HEPA filter is best. It removes and traps nearly all dust particles and pollutants that can aggravate allergies and asthma. If you don’t have a lot of storage space, a barrel vacuum is a good and is also light so you can easily manoeuvre it around to clean your stairs and furniture. If your carpet and rugs get covered in pet hair and dirt, an upright vacuum might be the best option. They are also easier to steer and because you push them in front of you at waist height, it makes them the best choice if you suffer from back problems. Upright vacuums are also ideal for large areas as they hold a large amount of dust before they need emptying. If you have kids or pets, you might also want to have a handheld or stick vacuum for quick everyday clean-ups. Find out how long the batteries last before they need recharging, how much they hold and if they have the extras. If you don’t want to be doing any vacuuming at all, a robot vacuum might be what you are after. They automatically clean your floors for you. Some can even clean stairs.


Exceptional suction power cleans floors fast and gives you a deep-down carpet clean. The number of watts tells you how much power goes into the vacuum. More watts usually means a more powerful suction, but the efficiency of the airflow and filtration is also important for good suction. Bag less vacuums are popular because you don’t have to buy bags, which is better for the environment and for your wallet. You can see when the bins full and empty it before you start losing suction power. On the downside, some models expose you to allergens and you may need to clean the filter regularly. Black Friday Bag vacuums are more hygienic making them better for allergy sufferers, but they can lose suction as the bag fills up and it’s hard to know when it is full unless it has a full bag indicator.


Think about if the noise is an issue for you. Most vacuums will create a certain amount of noise but some vacuums make a lot less noise than others. Also have a look at whether the vacuum you want comes with the tools for cleaning the type of furniture in your home or your car. Please check back soon as we’ll be adding further Black Friday Vacuum Deals as the year progresses.