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Black Friday TV Deals Buying Guide


If you are considering a new television first look at the size and layout of your room. Determine how big your TV should be. It is important to remember the size of a TV screen is the diagonal measurement across the screen from the bottom left to the top right-hand corner. It is s all about what you are comfortable watching. Also think about whether you will be wall mounting your Black Friday TV. This might give you some extra space to work with.


The resolution of a Black Friday TV determines how sharp the picture quality will be. If you will be watching lots of fast-paced sport action movies or gaming on your TV screen, a television with a high resolution will give you much better picture clarity. A full high-definition TV is five times sharper than a standard television and an ultra-high-definition TV, also called a 4k TV, is four times sharper than a full high-definition TV. The latest Smart TVs have inbuilt internet capability, so you can use apps, play online games, Skype and stream your favorite TV shows and movies. Have a think about whether this is something that you will use. Most TVs have LED LCD screens that shine light through a matrix of tiny coloured liquid crystal cells. They are great if you are on more of a budget, otherwise an OLED TV gives you stunning contrast, vibrant colours and excellent picture quality with no motion blur.


Which features will enhance your viewing experience? Some Smart TVs can auto record your favourite shows, some have clever hands-free voice control and some suggest new content you might like based on what you already watch. Consider the connections for your Black Friday TV. Think about how many different devices you want to connect to your television. Will it just be a Blu-ray or DVD player, maybe a gaming console, will it be a USB hard drive or your camera SD card so you can show off your holiday adventures. Have a think about what you will be showing on the screen and then you will know how many USB ports and SD card slots you will need.