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Black Friday Tumble Dryer Deals Buying Guide


First consider the Black Friday dryer size and capacity, have a look at where your new dryer will live, will you be stacking your washer and dryer on top of each other. Either way, make sure you leave enough space for loading laundry at the front and the cables, hoses and vents at the back and do not forget extra room around the sides! Dryer capacity is measured in kilos. How much you want to fit in each load will determine how many kilos your dryer should be. When choosing the right size dryer, consider that while a larger dryer dries everything faster, it also uses more power. But too small and you will have to do too many loads to get through your wet washing. If you are a family, you will want at least 7 to 8 kilos. If you are a couple or single, you can opt for a machine with a smaller capacity. But remember your Black Friday dryer should last you a long time, so take into consideration any future additions to the household and try and accommodate for this.


Vented Black Friday dryers can generate moist air, this means they need to be in a well-ventilated room or have a vent installed to pump the hot air outside, so you don’t get mould forming on your walls. Since the dryers have smart sensors that detect when clothes are dry and switch off to prevent damage from over drying, this also saves energy. Condenser dryers don’t need to be vented, so great for rented homes. Some drain water out automatically via a hose, whilst other models have a water container that you need to empty after each load. Condenser dryers do still increase the moisture levels in the air, so a well-ventilated room is still needed to prevent mould from forming on your walls. Finally, there are heat pump dryers. They are best for apartments because they don’t create moisture or hot air and use half as much energy as a vented or condenser dryer.


Energy efficiency dryers are one of the most expensive appliances to run, so energy star ratings are really important. More stars mean the dryer is better for the environment and for your energy bills. Sensor dryers are more expensive than vented dryers to buy but they can cost up to 15% less to run so you save on your energy bills. While most dryers tend to have a low energy rating, heat pump condenser dryers usually have six Energy stars making them the most efficient dryer you can get. Consider the programs your dryer will offer you and which drying programs will make your life easier. There are many cycles to choose from. A delicate cycle for your precious garments, a sanitation cycle that helps eliminate bacteria for a healthier home or an eco-cycle that uses less power for energy bill savings. These are just a few to consider.


Good stores can make sure your new dryer is installed connected and levelled. If a washer/dryer stacking kit is provided, they can install the dryer on top of your washer or wall-mounted for you. Once you are happy with everything, they will clean up the workspace and even take away all the packaging. This is the one downside of buying Black Friday Tumble Dryer Deals online.