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Black Friday Speakers Deals Buying Guide


No matter how sleek and minimalist your hi-fi may be, it will only sound as good as your speakers do. Black Friday Speaker Deals come in a variety of designs, from the small and sleek, through to the giant black monster sound 2001 Monolith variety. These speakers not only look different, but provide a different range of sounds.


Tower speakers provide both good high and low range sounds, especially if they come with a built-in subwoofer. Speakers with a built-in subwoofer are often advertised as having three-way sound: that is, they have got separate components for handling the high range, mid-range and low range sounds. Tower speakers give you the best sound from your hi-fi, but they also tend to be the largest kind of speaker you can get. Although you can try and save a little bit of floor space with a slimline model.


Bookshelf speakers are smaller and cheaper than tower speakers, but still deliver excellent high and mid-range sound. They tend to be two-way, which means they have got a separate component by handling the high range sounds, usually called a tweeter, and a separate component for the mid-range sounds. As bookshelf speakers tend to be two-way, you might want to get a separate subwoofer to handle the base frequency of your system. If you do not want to get a subwoofer, it might worth shopping around for three-way bookshelf speakers. Subwoofers are speakers that are specifically designed to handle low frequency sound and can be used in conjunction with an existing speaker setup to provide extra bass. Subwoofers come either with or without a built-in amplifier. All those bass sounds also need a lot of power, so make sure any amplifier you have, provides a lot of wattage. The good news is that bass sound is omnidirectional, which means it is very hard to tell where it is coming from, allowing you to put the subwoofer anywhere you like in the room and still fill it with plenty of thump.


Satellite speakers are tiny speakers but can often deliver high performance invisible sound when used with a subwoofer. They can be wall-mounted or hidden behind ornaments while still producing excellent mid-range to high range sounds. The design of these speakers can be a talking point, but it is rare to find a satellite that deals with low frequencies: and so the need for a subwoofer.


If the few cubic centimetres of space taken up by satellite speakers is still too much for you, consider in-wall or in-ceiling speakers. You may have come across these in hotels, but they are becoming increasingly popular in the home. These speakers are mounted on a frame and then inserted directly into a wall or ceiling. The speakers are normally full range, but you might need a subwoofer to back up the bass in your system. The disadvantage with these speakers, is they can be very hard to install and even harder to move once they are in, so think very carefully about their placing before you install them.


It may sound obvious but try and listen to your speakers before you buy them. Here you are not just listening for how loud they will go, although this can be fun, you are actually listening for how well they handle different frequencies of sound. For example, a song where a thumping bass line might sound different on one set of speakers as it does on another. Take along a selection of familiar CDs and listen to a selection of songs that gives you as wide range of sound as possible. Since speakers are going to be part of the furniture of your room, it is okay to make a decision based on how they look. With the number of speakers out there, you should be able to find some that please both your eyes and your ears. If you are buying speakers separately to an amplifier, it is vital to check that they are compatible. Check what power the amplifier can supply per channel and with what resistance. The power will be shown in watts and the resistance in ohms. Write down the wattage on a model type of your amplifier and consult with a salesperson as to which speakers will best perform with your amp. Make sure you buy your speakers from somewhere with a decent returns policy, as the acoustics of the showroom may be different to the acoustics of your room. when you get your new speaker system home, test it thoroughly and if it does not sound as good, take it back. Of course, if it does sound good, enjoy your new speakers!