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Black Friday Smart Watch Deals Buying Guide


First there was the age of a smartphone, next the tablet became a must-own gadget, now it is the time for smart watches to grab the technical limelight. A Black Friday Smart Watch is a wearable computing device that is capable of much more than just telling the time. It is completely different to a Rolex and a significant upgrade from your old school Casio. Smartwatches go one better than the likes of a Nike+ fuel band by allowing you to check your texts, emails and of course for time. All from the comfort of your wrist. The very latest models are set to allow you to answer calls and take photos too. At the moment, that are not that many Smart Watches available for you to buy. There are Samsung’s Galaxy gear and Sony Smart Watch 2. But Apple, Google and Microsoft are all yet to announce their own models. This means manufacturers are still figuring out for best way to make a Smart Watch and what you can do with them. Should they be chunky or slimline, feature plenty of buttons or be purely touch compatible. What about a battery life that lasts at least 24 hours?