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Black Friday Phone Deals Buying Guide


Choosing a Black Friday mobile phone deal can get complicated. This guide will help simplify your choice. Firstly consider: –


Apple or Android. Some people feel very strongly about iPhones, while others are more interested in which phone has the best features. It is really a personal preference. You will need to decide whether you want an apple iOS, a phone that has a Google Android operating system, or Windows operating system.


It is important to remember that the most important features are the ones that matter most to you, based on what you will use your phone for. Think about each of the following factors:

  • Screen Size – Do you want a bigger screen to see your photos or watch your videos on?
  • Battery Life – are you a very heavy user?  If so you may need a portable power bank so you can recharge on the go
  • Memory Card Slot – to be able to add extra phone memory
  • GPS capabilities
  • A stylus pen if you want to write draw or mark-up work on your phone.

These features are available to make your life easier, but you may not need them all, so go with the ones you will use.


Some phones have more delicate designs than others. Some are water resistant, shock resistant and can handle a lot more than the average mobile. Think about how robust different phones are and how careful you are with yours. Protecting your phone with a case or screen protector can save you a lot of heartache. Whether you are a bit clumsy, or think you have a steady hand, it is better to be safe than sorry.


The higher the number of megapixels, the better the picture quality. Some cameras now have image stabilization which gives your photos an almost digital camera quality. Some record full HD quality videos. Consider the quality of photo you are expecting from your phone, and if you want a front and rear camera for video calls and of course selfies!

There are many factors to consider when choosing your mobile phone. Make sure the operating system, features, durability and camera all suit your lifestyle.