Black Friday PC Deals Buying Guide


The Black Friday PC design of my choice is the Apple, notorious for being meticulous about design details and aesthetics. This is evident in their all-in-one designs of both their desktops, laptops and of course their mobile devices. However, PC manufacturers seem to be closing this cosmetic gap with their own all-in-one designs and in my opinion, they are looking pretty sleek.


On a Mac you will find a decent array of excellent mainstream software for business applications and just getting most tasks done. But when it comes to sheer volume and variety of software, especially with gaming, PC is the clear winner, there are usually multiple windows programs for any given possible tasks. So, chances are good that you will find an application that works for whatever you need to do on your computer.


Microsoft has made some big strides in this area, especially with windows 10 a few years ago. Apple’s operating system is fine-tuned and optimized for the hardware on which it runs, windows on the other hand has to use third-party device drivers and a multitude of other software from various places to make everything work.


It has long been thought that PC’s constantly get viruses and Mac’s are safe from them. Well as recently proven mac’s can indeed get viruses and other malware just like PC’s. The scarcity of Mac viruses has been largely due to the scarcity of the mac’s market share and that makes sense, since malware will obviously have the most impact on the most users and the most users are on PC’s. However, as apple market share grows, its popularity with malware creators grows. So, in this category there Is no clear winner. Whatever you decide, you should always secure your new computer with a reputable anti-malware application.


This is probably the number one factor for choosing between a mac and pc. Macs are noticeably more expensive than PC’s. When comparing the actual hardware inside them however, some might argue that the extra cost is justified. Since as I mentioned earlier, the Mac hardware and operating system are tuned for speed and stability, and although the individual Mac components are manufactured by different companies, they are rigorously tested and insured to work together as seamlessly as possible. Apple also tends to use higher quality components on average than PC manufacturers, so while PCs are priced significantly less than macs, they may not last as long and may experience hardware issues more often. Of course, your mileage may vary, so this category might be best titled value, with the winner being up to you, the buyer. To make the decision a bit easier, it could come down to the age-old question, for what purpose or purposes do you use your computer? While a Mac tends to be more of a getting things done sort of machine, if those things are just internet surfing email and basic photo viewing, a lesser expensive PC might be for you. But if you are more of a video editor, photographer, audio engineer or other content creator, a Mac might be better for you.