Black Friday Iron Deals Buying Guide


How to choose your Black Friday iron deal and make it into an effective ally against creases.


First fill the tank with cold water then set the thermostat to the desired temperature according to the type of fabric to be ironed. When the iron is hot, water is fed into the vaporization chamber. The water heats up and turns to steam. The variable steam relaxes the fibres of the fabric surface and the heat of the sole plate dries it.


The steam station produces pressurized steam that is sent right to the heart of the fabric fibres. The variable steam is much more powerful. Water is stored in a large tank, separate from the iron. It is sent into a high-pressure boiler, a heating element heats the water, turning it into high pressure steam. Measured in bars, the higher the pressure the higher the bar number. When you press the trigger the steam immediately enters the sole plate and is released under high pressure. It penetrates the heart of the fibres for a fast result. In fast heat up steam stations, the water tank can be filled at any time. As for maintenance, there is no cartridge to replace, just rinse the boiler or the scale collector in the base.


There exists another ironing device with a very different idea. There is no high-pressure boiler, but just two heating disks, between which the water circulates each time you press the trigger. Steam is fed into the iron. These are called disk systems. The fact that there is no high-pressure boiler means that there can be no high-pressure steam. Disk system appliances are very sensitive to scale and require the purchase of a filter cartridge


There is a final ironing system called a steam system. In the base, there is neither a high-pressure boiler nor a heating disk, but only a separate water tank. Each time you press the trigger, water is sent into the cord of the iron. When it reaches the vaporization chamber, it is heated and turned into steam without any high pressure. This is generally the same principle as a conventional steam iron. Note that the bars mentioned refer to the force of the pump driving the water into the cord of the iron. This appliance is also sensitive to scale and it is generally advisable to buy filter cartridges approximately every three months of use. The fact that there is no high-pressure boiler, means that there can be no high-pressure steam.

What should we remember is iron steam systems and disk systems, emit steam without high-pressure. High-pressure steam stations emit very powerful steam right into the heart of the fibres for a fast result. As for maintenance, the steam system and the disk system generally both require filter cartridges to be bought. The choice is yours!