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Black Friday Cooker Deals Buying Guide


It just takes three steps to choose the right Black Friday cooker deal for your kitchen. Decide which power source you want to cook with, gas or electric. Then decide which style you want. Then pick the features that are most important to you.


First determine whether you want to cook with gas or electric. Gas cookers are a popular option for those who love to cook. They provide instant heat at constant temperatures and give more control over the burner temperature. Electric cookers are generally less expensive and their ovens allow for more even cooking and consistent heat. Although many gas cookers come with electric ovens for the best of both worlds. There are different types of electric cookers, coil element: these are the most economical option. Smooth top: these make for easy clean up since there are no burners to remove or scrub. Some models offer expandable elements depending on the size of your pot or pan. Induction: these provide faster cooking times and quicker heating by using electromagnetic technology. Clean ups are easier, since only the portion of the cooktop which touches the cookware is warm, so spills don’t burn onto the surface.


Once you choose which power source and type of cooker you want, the next step is to choose the style. Free-standing cookers have finished sides and a backsplash where the controls are located. Slide in cookers have unfinished size to fit between cabinets there is no backsplash and the controls are located at the front of the cooker providing a stylish built-in look.


The last step is to consider which oven features suit your cooking needs.

  • True convection: this uses a heated fan system to distribute heat thoroughly and cook food more evenly. This is particularly great for baking and boiling.
  • Warming drawer: helps to keep food and dishes warm and also comes in handy when cooking for a crowd.
  • Double oven: two separate ovens allow you to bake two dishes at once at different temperatures.
  • Dual-fuel: combines the precision of gas burners on the hob with an electric oven for even cooking results.

Finding the right cooker for your kitchen is easy, just remember, determine whether you want to cook with gas or electric, decide the style of cooker you want and then pick the features that are most important to you.