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Acer black friday 2017 editor summary

Acer Black Friday from last year:

Acer's Black Friday last year was the 31st most popular Black Friday sale in the UK (out of the 475 stores we watched), we estimate we saw 36,000 Black Friday visitors. Is common with many black shops Friday does not actually start on Friday. Similarly, with Acer, they benefited from discounts throughout the month of November 2016. On November 4, Acer benefited from a 30% discount on lingerie and nightwear. Without a break in sales, Acer had Black Friday Wednesday when it had up to 50% off everything. Then, two days later, they had 25% off this sale. The sale of Black Friday lasted until November 1, 2016. So we estimate that this year, you have a full week to buy from them, as usual, we recommend you get early to make sure of the size and availability.

Acer Black Friday statistical analysis by Black Friday expert;

The luxury women's retailer Acer is no stranger to Black Friday sales. This will be the fourth year they have adopted the black Friday phenomenon of the United States. Even in 2013, people were looking for Black Friday at Acer, but it was not until 2014 that the website listed it as a sale. We estimate that the Acer was multiplied by ten between 2013 and 2014, then increased by 120% in 2014 with around 16,000 visitors on Black Friday itself. Our statistics show, however, that Acer saw a drop in the number of visitors in 2016, perhaps even 38% less. This can be caused by many factors, including promotion, heavy demand, or inaccuracy with the statistical tracking methods we use. Seeing this, Acer was still our 59th biggest Black Friday sale of the 470s we follow. This is particularly impressive considering that Acer is a premium brand. We consider it to be one of the top 10 Black Friday stores for mid-to-high-end women's wear. Acer will be looking to regain some of last year's Black Friday customers and has had a lot more this year. One possibility is to extend the Black Friday sales period from a few days to maybe a week. In my expert opinion, I expect growth to return to 2015 numbers as they made a concerted effort to improve their online presence, including Instagram and Facebook.

Acer delivery and click and collect;

On Black Friday Acer offers free shipping on all orders over £ 50, with many high-end items that is not a high threshold, I think a lot of consumers, we will enjoy the free shipping. However, if your order is below the threshold, standard shipping costs £ 4.95. Alternatively, you can get free Click and Collect on any purchase that can be removed from the store. Acer is our premium choice for everything related to baby.

Acer Black Friday's summary:

Acer has seen strong growth year after year and it will be very impressive if this year's sales figures match those of last year. Perhaps their strategy of saving sales for Black Friday versus general sales throughout the month of November is creating greater demand and concentration for their Black Friday sale. In addition, the 20% sale is relatively easy to implement because it concerns the entire site and does not require updating the articles individually. It seems that this is a company that benefits from Black Friday itself without making big expenses at the selling price.